hi all,

I'm Beau, a 20 year old IT student from the Netherlands, and indie game developer in my free-time.
I've been casually making games in Unity and related tools for 6 years-ish. If you stumbled across this page, you've most likely played Droneboi before and something sparked your interest.

Like most indie game developers, I too have the massive folder of unfinished projects, which is where it all started.
It was not until the release of Droneboi 1 that I finally got my first player! First released on itch.io in 2020, and later on Google Play, the Droneboi series was born.
I have continued to roll out updates and build a community around the game ever since, and am grateful for every single player who has given it a try over the past 4 years.

EN: If you reached this page through real-life connections, please refer to my LinkedIn page below.
NL: Als je bij mij bent uitgekomen via Nederlandse relaties, refereer dan naar mijn LinkedIn pagina hieronder voor meer informatie.

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